Why Doctors Personally Use Celergen

Rolls Royce Of Supplement

Dr. Uzzi Reiss, founder of the Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Center for men and women

“Celergen is a remarkable tool that can help improve our wellbeing on multiple levels. It is the Rolls Royce of supplement for the human body.”

Beauty Enhancement

Dr. Karla Groves, Lexington, KY

“I started taking Celergen two months ago and my skin has never looked better! The dark circles and volume loss are dramatically improved! I’ve also noted significant improvement in my energy level and ability to concentrate. I no longer have headaches or allergy symptoms.”

Alleviates Chronic Pain

Dr. Robert Barr, San Jose, CA

“Once I started using Celergen, most of my joint aches and pain disappeared. My wife started taking it and her fibromyalgia disappeared by 80-90% and she has more energy. I recommend Celergen to all my patients.”

Beginning Of A New Era

Dr. Bruce Lowell

“I think Celergen marks the beginning of a new era in how we approach rejuvenating the human body. The possibilities are endless and exciting.”

The Superfood For My Cells

Dr. Mercedes Schaafsma, Miami Anti-Aging and Metabolic Institute, Miami, FL

“My mind is clearer and my memory sharper. Celergen is a superfood for my cells.”

No Need To Take Viagra

Dr. Juan Remos, founder of the Wellness Institute of the Americas, Miami

“I’ve had several male patients who, having been on Celergen for a month or two, no longer see the need to take Viagra. It gives them a renewed sense of vitality across the board.”

Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Dr. David I. Minkoff, LifeWorks Wellness Centre, Clearwater, FL

“At first I didn’t notice anything. Then after about 3 months I could really experience the difference. We do a heart rate variability test in our office that reflects the health of the nervous system. Before I started taking Celergen, my test showed a stressed nervous system. Now, after four months, it is balanced and vital. Celergen has really helped my body.”

Reduction of Physical Fatigue

Dr. Thomas Tzikas, founder of Tzikas Facial Plastic Surgery Center, Delray Beach, Florida

“After taking Celergen on a daily basis, I began noticing that tiredness was no longer an issue after a day’s work. It helped me push myself a little more and be more effective in my daily routine. I experienced fewer joint and muscle aches. Plus I didn’t have a craving for sweets that I sometime have and lost a little weight that needed losing. I hadn’t changed anything else in my diet or taken other supplements, so I can only attribute the change to Celergen.”

Overall Wellbeing

Dr. Chong Kim, Anti-Aging Medicine Chong Kim MD, Torrance, CA

“My patients who start Celergen believe that it is helping them in a variety of ways, from hair growth and radiant skin texture to weight loss, increased energy, and relief from joint pain. Although patient’s experiences have varied, they are not willing to go back to a life without Celergen.”

No Jet Lag

Dr. Rene Dell’Acqua, Dell’Acqua Dental Studio, Palm Desert, CA

“It has increased my metabolism, helped to shed the last few pounds that I wanted to lose, and I no longer have jet lag. Ever.”

Improves Sleep Disorder

Dr. Michael Hytros, founder, The Anti-Aging and Bariatric Clinic, Chicago, IL

“I sleep much better now and wake up with renewed energy. I believe Celergen is the best natural supplement enhancing the quality of life.”

Mood Elevation

Dr. Nina Svino, Esthetic and Lifestyle Dentistry, Seattle, WA

“My overall mood and outlook have definitely improved. I feel more energized and focused.”

Mitigate Joint Pains And Stiffness

Dr. Angelo Baccellieri, Westchester Wellness Medicine, Harrison, NY

“I have been on Celergen for about three months and have suffered chronic pain to my ankle from a fall. Now I am walking without a limp and have decreased the pain and stiffness. I no longer need to take NSAIDS.”

Cell Renewal And Reverse Aging

Dr. Kenneth Orbeck

“What is special about Celergen is that it is not a pharmaceutical and yet it truly works on a cellular level to promote regeneration and can slow, if not reverse, the aging process.”

Mental Alertness

Dr. Joyce Lender, Elyria, OH

“I immediately noticed a multitude of benefits. I felt an increase in energy throughout the day and I am sleeping so much better. I noticed improved skin texture, mental clarity and an overall sense of improved wellbeing.”

Cell Renewal

Dr. Glen Guillet, Anti-Aging Cell Therapy of Texas, Beaumont, TX

“At 74, after bypass surgery, I figured things might never get better. Enter Celergen! I no longer wear a back brace, I work 14 hours a day, and I never complain of being tired.”

Disclosing The Secrets Of Vitality And Longevity

Dr. Michael Klentz, Germany

“No surgery. Celergen heals the tear on my left knee meniscus.

Celergen really works wonders, by directly affecting the immune system, regenerating, rejuvenating, reducing inflammation and creating a more youthful looking, energetic personality.

Moreover, I had a complete tear on the left knee meniscus. The orthopedist advised me go for surgery. I refused. I took Celergen: and now, I have no more problems and I will soon do a second MRI to verify the result. I now strongly endorse this product having experienced its effects.”

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