Celergen Bioactive Ingredient 2 – Peptide E Collagen

Peptide E Collagen

Peptide E Collagen comprises the highest premium grade quality collagen and elastin peptides from France and has been proven to reinforce skin hydration and elasticity.

Peptide E Collagen polypeptides have a low molecular mass that makes it soluble in aqueous phase and fully digestible.


Peptide E Collagen Clinical Studies

Clinical Study 1: Reduction Of Lines And Wrinkles

Made up of the 2 main components of outer skin layers, collagen and elastin, Peptide E Collagen is easily absorbed, lifting and toning slack areas, improving hydration and skin thickness while also reducing lines, wrinkles and roughness.

This figure shows the effect of 2 grams/day of Peptide E Collagen given orally for 28 days on forearm wrinkles and crow’s feet in 43 healthy female volunteers, aged 40-55 years.

At 28 days, 71% of subjects in the Peptide E Collagen group showed a significant decrease in the number of deep wrinkles. The average deep wrinkle reduction was equal to 19%. On the other hand, the control group showed further damage to their skin in the same period with a significant increase in deep wrinkles by 28% in 82% of subjects.

In other words, Peptide E Collagen rebuilds outer skin layers from the inside out and make your skin toned, supple and well hydrated while also reducing lines, wrinkles and roughness.

Clinical Study 2: Reduction In Swollen Joints In Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease in which immune T cells react to type II collagen, damaging synovial membrane in the joint. The membrane slowly becomes thicker, destroying cartilage and other joint structures.

In a clinical trial conducted in 1993, hydrolyzed collagen was shown to reduce the number of swollen and tender joints in patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis. Hydrolyzed collagen is easily digested and absorbed by the body. This, along with its ability to accumulate in cartilage, makes Peptide E Collagen a powerful ingredient for alleviating the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.