Lupita Jones, Miss Mexico 1990 and Miss Universe 1991

“I take Celergen every day and start my day knowing that I am doing the best to take care of my health, to stay strong, full of energy….”

I’ve lead a very hectic and non-stop life since I became Miss Universe in 1991. I live in one of the biggest and most complicated cities in the world, Mexico City I’m a public figure and executive of one of the biggest communications companies in the world. I travel all the time and I’m always in interviews, meetings, photo shoots. I’m a mother, writer, spokesperson for different causes, and of course I have a personal life too.

I take Celergen every day and start my day knowing that I am doing the best to take care of my health, to stay strong, full of energy and with a great attitude to continue with my “non-stop life”.

Elizabeth M, London

“It has become part of my Morning coffee moment”

I am in my mid-fifties and a busy art dealer based in Central London, I had heard of the benefits of Celergen from an American business woman and bought one month’s supply to try it. It comes beautifully packed , it has no after taste and is easy to swallow , what can I say….. it has become part of my “morning coffee moment”, now on my 4th month.

I can’t imagine being without it, my energy level is great, I wake more ready to face the daily challenges and since taking Celergen, I feel that the arthritis on my thumb joints is less painful. Due to my work I stand up most of the day and I feel that the blood flow to my legs is also better , more sensitivity on my legs and feet and generally no more dry skin around the ankles.

Just one more thing, my hairdresser tells me that I have lots of new hair growth on my head.

Yes……. I have already recommended it to my friends.

Bisimwa Voglet, 36, Belgium

“With Celergen, I can expect a shorter recovery period to allow me to start”

I started Celergen 15 days after the Brussels’ marathon. The use of Celergen has absolutely shortened my recovery period and allowed me to start winter training sooner than expected. Besides my running activities, I also practice mountaineering ski and I expect to take benefit from Celergen in the next few weeks in the French Alps.

As a lawyer, I can also state that I have increased my intellectual productivity to work longer hours and have better quality sleep.

Nea Wasell, 51, Finland

“I have taken many different pills… Vitamins, Natural Products and even strong painkillers. …Nothing helped. Even my doctor said, “Just avoid doing anything causing pain” …I am only 51!”

During the past ten years I have noticed how my body is getting older. I mean all the pain and aches you get when you train and move. It also began to disturb my mental health. Because of this I tried many different pills, vitamins etc. Nothing helped.

Finally I visited a doctor last spring and guess what? I was prescribed stronger painkillers! I have rheumatoid arthritis and detritions in my spine.

I have taken Celergen now for more than 26 days. When I get up in the morning after a good night’s sleep, I feel great because I do not feel any pain. I can be active all day long without feeling tired. I can stand with my high heels for hours and walk till the next day. I can use my right hand all day long — without enormous pain on my neck and shoulder. My waist is smaller and my breasts seem firmer.

I feel better, I look better and I am feeling proud of myself.

Dr. Eleana Papacharalambous, 33, Greece

“My usual anti-aging therapy regime amounts up to about 10 – 12 softgels a day. However with Celergen, all i need is 2 a day to sustain me.”

First of all, I love the fact that Celergen is easy to bring around and its benefits are multi-faceted. My usual anti-aging therapy regime amounts up to about 10 – 12 softgels a day which can be quite daunting. However with Celergen, all I need is 2 a day to sustain me.

After 4 days of Celergen, I can proudly proclaim that I feel more energetic, have better quality of sleep and wake up feeling invigorated. After a month of Celergen, I noticed my skin look more radiant than before. Another benefit that took me by surprise is the fact that I stopped feeling dizzy whenever I feel tired.

Grace Zenno, 28, Lebanon

“With Celergen, I am able to look 24 years old forever… even though I am already 28”

Prior to my Celergen days, people around me used to think that I am more than 30 years old. It was very distressing because I am only 28 years old.

However after taking Celergen for just 1 week, I experienced a tremendous increase in energy, a smoother complexion and an elevation of my moods.

What delighted me most is that people started to compliment my radiant complexion and I was mistaken to be only 24 years old. I am beyond happy and I vow to continue taking Celergen forever.

Radhika L Singh, 45, Australia

“I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor and I will not trade Celergen for US$1 Million dollars.”

My life fell apart when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was extremely trying because I was also suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis – a form of chronic inflammation of the spine and the tailbone area.

Due to the excruciating pain and stiffness in and around my spine, I was put on heavy medication daily. And then with Breast Cancer, I had to undergo surgery for my cancer cells and in addition commence on my Chemotherapy and Radiology sessions.
Though I was cleared of cancer, there wasn’t much to celebrate because my body was constantly in pain. Walking became a burden, getting out of bed became painful and my sleep was elusive as my entire body ached.

One day, a long lost friend introduced me this beautiful product that turned my life around. Since then, I have never stopped talking about Celergen.

After only 1 day of Celergen, I realized that I can go about my daily activities without feeling worn out. By day 3, all the aches and pain disappeared completely. It was incredible. Many who knew me were astounded. They were simply awed at my healing.

Héctor Sánchez Torres L, 48, Mexico

“Without Celergen, it is impossible for an ordinary man like me to accomplish extraordinary feats”

As an inspirational mountain climber, I face many physical and mental challenges. Ever since I have taken Celergen, I was amazed by the recovery I experience after a formidable expedition.

A mountain climbing expedition usually takes 40 to 70 days. It is easy to feel depressed and exhausted. With Celergen, I am always positive and mentally alert compared to my team mates.

Rie Loo, 43, Japan

“My skin looks brighter and my pores ” less visible..”

When I was first introduced to Celergen, I’ve to confess that I was not enthusiastic. The only reason I decided to try was the fact that Celergen was researched, developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

For the first 2-3 weeks, I didn’t find any special change in me maybe because I have always been in relatively good condition. But one morning, I found that my skin texture has become smoother, brighter and my pores less visible.

Kim Young Ho, 29, Korea

“Even though I am only 29, Celergen is the perfect Anti-Aging Food Supplement because it invigorates me at work.”

For the first 2 weeks, I did not find any special change in me except that I was perspiring more often than before.

After continued consumption of Celergen, I wake up feeling more refreshed and invigorated. I am also pleased to find that I recovered much faster after my evening exercises.

Celergen has definitely surprised me with its potency.

Wang Furong, 35, China

“I never expect Celergen’s benefits to manifest so quickly and with such potency.”

After only 15 days of Celergen, I am able to sleep better and wake up feeling a lot fresher and more energized than ever before. The dizzy spells I used to experience have left me and as a result now, I am more efficient and effective at work.

Most importantly, Celergen helps to reduce the pain which I had experienced in my neck and back significantly.

I am happy now that as I take Celergen, I am able to experience a better quality of life.

Maria Moon, 62, Hong Kong

“Now, I proudly say that ” I have regained my Youth!”

Even though I refuse to admit that I am old, my eyes, bones and stamina have all weakened with age.

In 2007, I sustained an injury on my left elbow and it has been giving me problems ever since. No doctors that I consulted could give me a solution. However, after taking Celergen for 2 months, the pain in my left hand was gone.

In addition, Celergen helps to reduce my “Eye Floaters” and “Light Flashes” that I used to experience, due to Retinal Deterioration.

One thing I never expected is the increase in energy and stamina. Because I hardly exercise, it was very astonishing when I could climb 128 stairs up and down within 30 minutes.

Dr. Keren Priyadarshini, 38, India

“Celergen… is a supplement that has multi-faceted advantages.”

Having taken Celergen for just over 10 days, I must say that it is a supplement that has multi-faceted advantages.

I had to conduct interviews non-stop for 8 hrs a day, 3 days consecutively, and never did I feel an iota of fatigue while taking Celergen.

The following morning is always bright and fresh with no hangover of the previous day. Celergen is quite effective in helping my body cope with the daily vagaries of life keeping my energy levels at an optimum high!

Celergen also works wonders for my skin too, after my pregnancy.

Watinee Wangkhajornkij, 29, Thailand

“My friends say that ” I look like a Celebrity.”

As a property agent, my working hours are irregular and the stress took its toll on my skin. I began to spot frown lines and wrinkles appearing. At 29 and extremely beauty conscious, I was very worried.
Then my friend introduced me to Celergen. What a surprise!

Within a month of Celergen, I received countless number of compliments from both friends and clients. Not only did I look younger, I feel more beautiful too.

Besides looking good, I feel great too. I have a new found energy dealing with my clients and my property business.

Nyein Nyein Thaw, 27, Myanmar

“Celergen regulates my sleeping patterns, so ” I can perform at work.”

My job requires me to travel a lot. I used to dread travelling for business because I had problems sleeping which would then affect my performance for the next day. There was once I did not get any sleep for an entire 15-days’ trip! I was extremely frustrated.

Then I was introduced to Celergen. After just 2 days of Celergen, I feel so much more energized. I do not tire as easily and I am able to enjoy quality sleep at night.

What thrills me most is that even though I’m blessed with relatively good skin complexion, my face has a radiant glow and some people think I am 20 years old! I can’t wait to live life to its fullest.

Fariza A.Jalil, 42, Malaysia

“Celergen… Fabulous Swiss Marine Cell Therapy does wonders for me!”

After taking Celergen for only 20 days, my energy level has increased tremendously so much so that I can do 4 classes of Body Balance, Body Step, Pilates and Body Jam back to back! What is more astounding – “No Muscle Ache!”

After 30 days of Celergen, I realized that I can read and write without reading glasses. I even feel that my eyes appear to sparkle!

After 50 days, my alertness, focus and memory works excellently well for my dance classes.

Celergen also helps to improve my uneven skin tone, smoothens my skin and reduces my fine wrinkles. I am looking forward for more surprising, outstanding benefits of Celergen.

Jayakumar Rajamanickam, 60, Singapore

“My doctor said the fracture of my right collar bone needs 8-12 weeks to heal… But Celergen reduced it to 4 weeks.”

The timely introduction of Celergen to me when I had a massive fracture of my right collar bone, helped my healing process. Instead of a gradual healing in the region of 8 to 12 weeks predicted by my doctor, I healed within 4 weeks. My doctor was so surprised.

I started lifting and had a game of golf in the 5th week. There were no distortions or protrusions either, which is quite unusual for a collar bone fracture.

Tan Meng How, 53, Singapore

“My doctor says there is no cure for Vitiligo… and I can be the ” Singapore’s Michael Jackson.”

3 years ago, I noticed that white patches were starting to appear all over my body. Worried, I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with Vitiligo, a skin disease which causes white patches because the cells that make pigments in the skin are destroyed.

I sought many skin specialists to get treated. I tried everything from Traditional Chinese Medicine to any cream and supplements I could get my hands on. However, nothing helped!

Then I was introduced to Celergen. After 4 months of this food supplement, my condition improved tremendously. It is simply incredible! The deterioration has stopped and I really thank God for Celergen.

*Vitiligo: A skin disease which causes white patches because the cells that make pigments in the skin are destroyed.